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Welcome to our Technology page, your comprehensive source for understanding the revolutionary advancements in golf simulation technology. Our spotlight focuses on the sophisticated Sports Coach Technology, a game-changing integration of high-speed USB 3.0 cameras and infrared lighting that reinvents the way we approach indoor golf practice.

Delve into the world of precision-driven golf simulators that marry innovation and expertise. Explore how the Sports Coach Technology's state-of-the-art dual camera system captures the minutest details of ball flight trajectory and motion in unparalleled detail. Discover how the camera system and invisible infrared lighting enhances accuracy, creating a flawless, immersive golfing experience.


Golf Simulator - Camera Technology


USB 3.0 Two Super Speed Cameras that work simultaneously at separate 90 degree angles, to create the world's most accurate indoor 3 dimensional ball flight model. The micro cameras utilise high quality CMOS sensors, capturing up to 1,000 frames per second produced at 60Hz. With each powerful lens producing a wide telephoto angle of view, capturing multiple images of the ball from impact, through the air and towards the screen. Tracking the moving object is very accurately measured in up to 50 separate positions, from original strike point to 3m or 10 feet of the ball flight.

Golf Simulator - Lighting Technology


Our infra-red lights are low maintenance with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Each deliver a powerful 850nm spectrum from 60 LED lights with a beam angle of  60° which ensures that the complete detection area from the player to the screen receives the right amount of light for our system to measure the complete golf swing and ball flight. As well as having the advantage of delivering a substantial amount of light for the detection system, our lights are not visible by the naked eye, and will not flood the screen with visible light. This results in a brighter, clearer and sharper projected image which vastly improves the players experience.

Golf Simulator - Bay Carpet


Comprising Made to Measure Surround Panel, Surround Screen, PVC Roof, 3 Projector Brackets, Cabling and Clamps.

Golf Simulator - Multi Surface Mat


Enhance game play with Bunkered Grass and Rough Grass for the realistic feel of playing out of the bunker and out of the long grass, normally fitted into the central golf mat.

Golf Simulator - PVC Cage


Dark Green Non Reflective 2m x 15m Carpet, used with the Overhead Camera System.

Golf Simulator - Projector Technology


Short Throw

Full HD 16:9 Projector

1920 x 1080p Resolution

2,200 ANSI lumens 

10,000: 1  Colour Contrast,

3D-capable via HDMI Inputs

NVidia 3DTV Play ready

Golf Simulator - Computer Technology


A Powerful Intel i5 Computer System, with keyboard, mouse and speakers.

Including pre-installed GSX Golf Software.

Golf Simulator - Camera Technology Tracking
Golf Simulator - Lighting Technology
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