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Sports Coach Simulator Limited has developed its unique detection system, which is able to accurately track any moving object and integrate into its Sports Simulation. The Sports Coach programming team is focused on the development of Golf & Multi Sports Simulators and custom sports applications. The UHD Super Simulator has the most advanced graphics engine in the industry worldwide, with complete programming and motion capture capabilities.

The Golf & Sports Simulator will have constant life time software updates at no cost to the client, ensuring it will always be the most advanced in the world. Sport Coach has been trading successfully worldwide for over 28 years within the Golf and Sports Simulation industry.

Our Story

For over 30 years Sports Coach Simulator has manufactured the largest range of simulator products available on the market. Our golf simulators use super speed camera technology to capture swing path, impact and ball flight and deliver an incredibly realistic indoor golf experience for both practice and play. Our range of simulators can be tailored to fit in almost any space from home installations to large commercial golf academy facilities.

Golf Simulator Academy - Sports Coach Golf Simulators
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