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The GSX High Definition Graphics, bring a new meaning to the word “Realism.” Never before have golf courses been re-produced, so accurately that it’s difficult to separate the real course, from the simulated course. The 3D Rendering is of such high quality, that objects such as buildings, trees, plants, fauna, grasses and water reflections are realistic representations of the original. 3D Animations include Flying Birds, Floating Ducks moving Golf Carts etc. Playing conditions are very realistic, with the green speeds matching the green stimp speed. Choosing the weather conditions will allow you to set rain and wind, which moves the leaves on the trees and sways the bushes and even the long grass.

Sports Coach’s GSX HD Golf Simulator software provides golfers with the most advanced golf simulator graphics, with the most accurate detection system, along with Free of Charge software updates for life. Play a round of Golf or Analyse shots on the Virtual Range, Virtual Chip and Virtual Putting Green. Play All Year Round on 65+ GSX Golf Courses, with 100+ GSX Golf Courses under development.


GSX Golf Main Menu


The main menu offers 10 quick and easy to use options. Play a new game, practice your game using the Virtual Range, Virtual Chip and Virtual Putt features. A Course Library option also offers a list of up to date courses that are available and also Player Data to review your shots on individual clubs, per session.

GSX Golf Shot Performance


Accurate shot performance information is displayed after each shot. Analyse shot performance in 10th of miles per hour and 10ths of a degree for club speed, ball speed, swing path, club face angle, horizontal launch angle, vertical launch angle, distance, carry, back spin, side spin, distance to cup, elevation and lie position.

GSX Golf Available Languages


Select from, Show Flag, Flyby, Mulligan, Rehit, Practice, Next Player, Hole Out, See your Last Shot, Shot Analysis, Reverse Replay, Digital Video Screen, Change Shot Cameras, See Scorecard, Mini Map and view the Leaderboard.

GSX Golf Statistics


Statistics can be viewed or printed out at any point during a game, showing all golfers own detailed game performance for driving distance, driving accuracy, greens in regulation, chipping accuracy, sand saves, putts per round and hole performance results.

GSX Golf In Game Options


Set the system to operate in any of 16 languages including: ​English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, Dutch, Chinese,  Arabic, Japanese, Indian & Malay.

GSX Golf Longest Drive


Longest Drive players to compete in a longest drive competition on Par 4’s and 5’s for each course. Choose to play from the competition tee, mens tee or forward position (ladies). Choose from bright, normal, cloudy or rain conditions and select the wind strength to increase difficulty. Players are offered 1, 2 or 3 attempts, and after each shot, a leader board is shown listing the leading players in order of their distance. Up to four contests can be played at once - men's, ladies, seniors and juniors, and play can be switched from right to left handed at any time.

GSX Golf Nearest To Pin


Nearest to Pin is a competition mode that allows players to compete on any Par 3 holes on any course. Players can choose to set the contest from the competition tee, mens tee or forward position (ladies). Choose the weather conditions from bright, normal, cloudy or rain and set the wind type to increase difficulty. Players then compete to hit as close to the pin as they can with the system offering 1, 2 or 3 attempts per player. During the contest, any shot that lands on the green gets an automatic reverse replay. After every shot the leader board is shown listing the leading players in order of their distance to the pin. Up to four contests can be played at once - mens, ladies, seniors and juniors, and play can be switched from right to left handed at any time.

GSX Golf Virtual Range
GSX Golf Virtual Chipping
GSX Golf Virtual Putting


Select the Virtual Range to practise all types of drives, long iron and mid iron shots. During play the analysis pane on the left side of the screen is updated after each shot showing distance, carry, roll, ball speed, club face angle, club head path, side spin, back spin, horizontal and vertical launch angles and offline accuracy


Using the USB 3.0 Super Speed Camera Technology, putting is the world's most accurate, giving an extremely high precision and realistic representation of the putt. Measuring ball direction within a degree and ball speed to 1/100th of a mile an hour, putts can be measured accurately over the contoured 3 dimensional green, for each particular putt played.


Virtual Chipping allows players to practice all types of mid iron shorts and short iron shots. Players can set the conditions to bright, cloudy, normal or rain, and set the wind to fine or gusty to alter the flight performance. Select a club and choose to play from any position. Play as many practice chips as you like, then review on screen club averages showing distance, carry, roll, to pin distance, ball speed, club speed, face angle, swing path, side spin, back spin and launch angle.

GSX Golf Courses


Play and Practise on over 65 Golf Course's Worldwide, see full Golf Course Library


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