Northern Lights



Select the standard Driving Range, or create a driving range on either the 1st hole at Belfry Brabazon, the 16th at Carnoustie Links 16th, the 2nd at Warwick Hills or the 9th at Monteray Bay. To practise all types of drives, long iron and mid iron shots. During play, the analysis pane on the left side of the screen is updated after each shot showing distance, carry, roll, ball speed, club face angle, lub head path, side spin, back spin, horizontal and vertical launch angles and offline accuracy


Virtual Chip allows players to practice all types of mid iron shorts and short iron shots on 4 famous golf holes – Turnberry Ailsa, Doral Blue Monster, Celtic Manor and Emirates Majlis. Players can set the conditions to bright, cloudy, normal or rain, and set the wind to fine or gusty to alter the flight performance. Select a club and choose to play from any position. Play as many practice chips as you like, then review on screen club averages averages showing distance, carry, roll, to pin distance, ball speed, club speed, face angle, swing path, side spin, back spin and launch angle.


Using the High Speed Camera Technology, putting is the world's most accurate, giving an extremely high precision and realistic representation of the putt. Measuring ball direction within a degree and ball speed to 1/100th of a mile an hour, putts can be measured accurately over the contoured 3 dimensional green, for each particular putt played.


Access the Short Game Academy to improve on all important aspects of the short game. Every type of approach shot can be practised such as full pitch shots, flop shots, bunker shots and chip and run shots. Whether those shots are played from the fairway, semi rough, rough, long grass or out of the 4 styles of bunker. The short game academy is 143 yards long x 90 yards wide and has 5 separate pin positions that can be selected.


The Ultimate Golf Analysis and Ultimate Studio packages allows you to capture the golfers swing, with two high speed digital video cameras from two seperate swing positions simultaneously.


The swing performance can be reviewed frame by frame via the DV academy screen, this can then be accessed via the in game options button.


Coloured graphics can be applied to the video such as a circle, angle, grid, semi circle, rectangle and a line so the golfer can focus on one particular element of their swing.