GPS Golf Simulator Shot Performance

Accurate shot information is displayed after each shot. Analyse shot performance in 10th of miles per hour and 10ths of a degree for club speed, ball speed, swing path, club face angle, horizontal launch angle, vertical launch angle, distance, carry, back spin, side spin, distance to cup, elevation and lie position.Longest Drive players to compete in a longest drive competition on Par 4’s and 5’s for each course. Choose to play from the competition tee, mens tee or forward position (ladies). Choose from bright, normal, cloudy or rain conditions and select the wind strength to increase difficulty. Players are offered 1, 2 or 3 attempts, and after each shot, a leader board is shown listing the leading players in order of their distance. Up to four contests can be played at once - mens, ladies, seniors and juniors, and play can be switched from right to left handed at any time.



GPS Golf Simulator Statistics

Statistics can be viewed or printed out at any point during a game, showing all golfers own detailed game performance for driving distance, driving accuracy, greens in regulation, chipping accuracy, sand saves, putts per round and hole performance results. The statistics also displays the course's own logo and name.



GPS Golf Simulator Scorecard

The scorecard can be viewed or printed out at any point during the game, showing all golfers performance with their handicap calculated against the stroke index for the course selected. The scorecard also displays the course's own logo and hole names.



Club Fitting 1.jpg

The custom club and ball fitting feature forms part of the virtual range. The fitting section is the most user friendly fitting tool available on the market. Using the unrivalled accuracy and realism of the GPS software, flight data including face angle, club path, ball speeds and spin rates can be compared for branded or unbranded clubs or balls. Averages are automatically drawn on screen and clearly displayed to aid in the process of fitting the most suitable club. 5 colour coded tabs are offered, each representing different models of club. Click on one of the colour coded tabs to begin testing a particular model. All shots will be recorded under the selected model until you choose a different coloured tab to test a different model. Drivers, irons, wedges and golf balls can all be fitted using the system which has been designed to give the customer a fitting experience never seen before.

Club Fitting Average#.jpg
Club Fitting Results.jpg