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Rugby fans, are you ready to experience your favourite sport as you have never before? Our state-of-the-art rugby simulator comes in two really awesome options in order to cater to all the rugby fans out there.

Introducing the Rugby Union Simulator and the Rugby League Simulator.

Let’s start with the first rugby simulator, the Rugby Union Simulator. This forms part of our extensive collection of sports simulators and offers a look into over 67 stadiums across the world.

You can then choose between touring the stadiums, training at the stadiums and playing against teams. With 18 challenges available – and more being created as we speak – this application is the perfect training tool. From practising scoring a conversion to practising free kicks and passes, we have it all covered. And once you are done training, you can compete in matches against the computer as well as friends and family.

Moving on to the Rugby League Simulator, this rugby simulator can transport you to over 35 stadiums worldwide where you will be able to tour, train and play. There are 16 challenges available for you to experience, with new challenges set to be released soon.

You can practice scoring conversions, tries and work on improving your overall game by utilising these challenges, and once you are satisfied with the results, you can head on over to match mode and challenge the simulator, or even your friends and family.

Both options of our rugby simulator are available as we speak, so head on over to our rugby simulator page to find out more.

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