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Join the fast-paced world of ice hockey by playing against your friends, family and online opponents when you purchase our ice hockey simulator.

Escape the cold of the ice rink and the flying hockey pucks by attempting your training routine from the comfort of your own home. Race against virtual competitors to score goals against the opposing team. As the name implies, ice hockey is popular in cold, icy countries – of which you can experience up close and personal in the 75 global ice hockey arenas that we have available in our database.

Whether are you are looking to play around with the puck or train to up your game with the 8 challenge modes we currently have available, our ice hockey simulator is just the thing for you.

The ice hockey leagues differ around the world, but can be broken down as follows:

•    North American National Hockey League (NHL) - the highest level of men's ice hockey worldwide.

•    The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) - the highest level in Russia and Eastern Europe.

•    International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) - the formal governing body for ice hockey globally.

Many other countries that don’t experience the snow have their own version of hockey, often labelled field hockey – both forms of which originated from a simple game involving a ball and stick. The only main difference would be the ice, which would, in turn, result in certain rules being changed or altered.

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